LS32 2150P

LS32 2150P - 32-Way Passive Splitter 950-2150 MHz   
The LS322150P1FNB000 is a commercial quality 32-way splitter that meets strict level, match, and loss specifications achieved through the use of Quintech's proprietary microstrip and SMT technology. It operates over the 950-2150 MHz frequency range and enables the splitting of RF signals with repeatable performance over the entire frequency range and across all I/O ports. Output port 1 is power passing for LNB power from a satellite receiver. Both DC paths are diode protected; thus, LNB power is redundant if both paths are powered. Note: All unused output ports must have 75 terminations. A rear panel terminal has been provided for external LNB power insertion.
Category: RF Splitters & RF Combiners   Manufacturer: Quintech Electronics
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Frequency: 950-2150 MHz
Impedance: 75
Insertion Loss: 22 + 2 dB
Frequency Response: + 2 dB
Isolation: 20 dB
Input Return Loss: 10 dB
Output Return Loss: 13 dB
RF Connectors: Type F, 75
Mechanical: 2 RU (3.5" H x 19" W x 20" D)
Weight: 9.0 lbs. gross (boxed), 6.0 lbs. net
Certifications: CE